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Get your wines for safari travels in kenya

Wine and Safari: Pairing the Best Wines with Kenya’s Wildlife Adventure

Kenya’s spectacular landscapes and various flora and fauna have lengthy attracted adventurers in search of a completely unique safari revel in. As tourists embark on thrilling natural world safaris, the fusion of nature and luxury has become a distinguished trend. One high-quality manner to elevate this experience is by way of Wine Pairing with Kenya’s…

Trumpeter Malbec red wine available at the winebox

Sizzling wines to pair with your BBQ

It’s the festive season again! For many of us, that means getting together with family and friends and enjoying nyama choma. But it can be tricky best wine for bbq with those char-grilled notes and other strong flavours. So we’ve put together a guide to the best wines to enjoy with your BBQ. Below are…

Cote des Roses Rose

A Personal Wine Advent Calendar for 2024

I think the lead up to Christmas is a perfect time to sample exceptional wines from all over the world. This year I’m so excited about the selections I’ve made for my own personal “wine advent calendar” I thought I’d share it with you! If you’re wondering what wines to buy and enjoy as Christmas…

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Kenya’s Favourite Wines To Pair With Fish

Fish dishes can be so varied, and in Kenya influenced by so many different cuisines; what are the options for choosing a wine to accompany your food? In this article we highlight some of Kenya’s favourite wines to pair with our favourite fish, so you can choose the best wine to complement your meal.


Breaking a rule: let’s try pairing red wine with fish

It’s a well known rule: red wine goes with red meat, and white wine goes with white meat, including fish and other seafood. This axiom is so well ingrained that it is followed all over the world. However, we believe that understanding the reason behind the rule makes you better prepared to bend it a little.

Pairing white wine

How to pair white wine with red meat

If you prefer a white wine over red, or are just open to new ideas, our guide to pairing white wine with red meat is for you!