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Most popular red wine blends in Kenya 2022

Most popular red wine blends in Kenya 2022

Red blends are some of Kenya’s most popular wine purchases year on year. Their popularity is in large part because variation from one year to the next is kept to a minimum through the winemaker’s art. Unlike a varietal wine, where the vintages can taste quite different, with a blend the winemaker can achieve a…


Most Popular Wines in Kenya 2022, Part 1: Everyday Value Wines under Ksh1,500

Do you want to try some new wines but you’re not sure where to start? In this article we highlight Kenya’s most popular everyday value wines as purchased by The Wine Box customers. After all, finding out what other people are buying can give you confidence to broaden your wine horizons. All of the following…


10 Chilean wines you must try this year

Chile has been growing wine grapes since the 16th century. Despite numerous setbacks over the intervening years, the country is now the world’s seventh largest producer of wines. Moreover, it is the fifth largest exporter, and it produces some really top notch wines. If you’ve been a bit shy of trying Chilean wines up to…

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Kenya’s Favourite Wines To Pair With Fish

Fish dishes can be so varied, and in Kenya influenced by so many different cuisines; what are the options for choosing a wine to accompany your food? In this article we highlight some of Kenya’s favourite wines to pair with our favourite fish, so you can choose the best wine to complement your meal.


Wine Tasting 101: The Basics Of Wine Tasting

Some say that wine tasting is an art form. After all, picking apart and describing the diverse and complex aromas and flavours in wine takes practise and experience. However, even professional wine tasters start somewhere…

Our Pick of the Top Cabernet Sauvignon Wines in Kenya

Our Pick of the Top Cabernet Sauvignon Wines in Kenya 2022

If you love full bodied red wines, then you’ll love this selection of our favourite cabernet sauvignon wines from around the world! We’ve got a great range across all price points and we’re sure you’ll find something deliciously tempting…

How wineries control wildlife by the winenebox kenya

How wineries control wildlife in their vineyards

You’ve probably heard of queleas stripping fields of wheat, elephants trampling maize, or rabbits ruining the radishes; but spare a thought for grape growers around the world. These dedicated viticulturists tend their grapevines lovingly against extremes of weather, fungus, rot, and hordes of insect pests, nurturing the fruit to peak ripeness in order to create…


5 Wine Curiosities To Visit Around The World

Are you a seasoned wine traveller or just looking for somewhere a bit out of the ordinary to visit? These 5 wine curiosities from around the world are sure to pique your interest.


Breaking a rule: let’s try pairing red wine with fish

It’s a well known rule: red wine goes with red meat, and white wine goes with white meat, including fish and other seafood. This axiom is so well ingrained that it is followed all over the world. However, we believe that understanding the reason behind the rule makes you better prepared to bend it a little.