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5 Wine Curiosities To Visit Around The World

Are you a seasoned wine traveller or just looking for somewhere a bit out of the ordinary to visit? These 5 wine curiosities from around the world are sure to pique your interest. The Wine Fountain at Ronda Wine Museum Ronda, in Spain’s Andalusia region, is a scenic mountaintop town with a history stretching back…


Breaking a rule: let’s try pairing red wine with fish

It’s a well known rule: red wine goes with red meat, and white wine goes with white meat, including fish and other seafood. This axiom is so well ingrained that it is followed all over the world. However, we know from experience that some white wines stand up beautifully to red meat dishes; conversely, there’s…

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Most popular sauvignon blanc wines in Kenya 2022

Sauvignon blanc is by far Kenya’s most popular wine. Its popularity stems from its straightforward taste, especially the fruity New World examples. This makes it accessible to wine novices and connoisseurs alike. It’s also incredibly versatile – think a glass of perfectly chilled sauvignon blanc on a hot afternoon; or accompanying a delicious meal of…

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Wine bottle shapes explained

Observant wine drinkers among you will have noticed a strange thing about wine: most wine comes in one of just a few common shapes of wine bottle. Is there a rule governing what type of wine goes in which bottle? For example, almost all chardonnay comes in one shape of bottle; but almost all riesling…

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11 French still wines you must try this year

France is one of the top wine producing countries in the world; it’s therefore no surprise that the French also produce some of the world’s best wines. In fact, we have so many fantastic French wines on our shelves here at The Wine Box it was really difficult choosing which ones to highlight! However, after…

Does wine glass shape matter by winebox kenya

Does Wine Glass Shape Matter?

There are lots of different types of wine glass available, big and small, tall and wide. But does wine glass shape really matter?

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Champagne and Sparkling Wine Guide

Every occasion calls for some celebratory sparkling wine! Whether you prefer classic Champagne, or an easy, cheerful sparkling wine, there is no lack of either! If you’re curious to know more about the traditional Champagne and sparkling wines, this piece is for you. It should come as no surprise that the British have been loyal…

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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Wine for Your Wedding

Since there is so much to worry about when planning your wedding, we know how stressful it can be. So, we’ve created a guide specifically designed to help you find your perfect wines quickly and easily, perfectly crafted for your special day. When choosing wine for your wedding, the first thing to consider is whether…

Pairing white wine

How to pair white wine with red meat

If you prefer a white wine over red, or are just open to new ideas, our guide to pairing white wine with red meat is for you!