Cracking Californian Red Wine for the New Year

Californian red wine: a bottle of Napa Cellars pinot noir and half full glass with a charcuterie platter

If you love red wine but haven’t ventured into Californian red territory yet, you’re missing out on a treat. The state’s long growing season and diverse microclimates make it ideal for growing a wide range of red grape varieties. Its long history (comparatively, for the New World) of winemaking means there is a wealth of expertise available; accordingly, California produces some fabulous wines. Read on for some really cracking Californian red wine selections to spice up your New Year!

California Roots Cabernet Sauvignon

To begin with an entry-level wine, the California Roots Cabernet Sauvignon is bold and fruity with smooth edges. Cherry, plum and oak are prominent, with moderate acidity and medium tannins. This red drinks like a more expensive wine so we think it’s great value for money!

Ménage à Trois Zinfandel

California is famous for its zinfandel wines and indeed the Ménage à Trois is a terrific example. Blackberry and cherry flavours are supported by chocolate and vanilla spice. It’s surprisingly light for a zinfandel, with a soft mouthfeel and a smooth finish. Definitely an easy drinking wine.

Three Thieves Pinot Noir

Although marketed as a pinot noir, this wine also includes syrah and petit verdot grapes in its production. These grapes give additional structure and depth of flavour to the blend. Bright cherry and raspberry flavours enveloped in chocolate and vanilla follow on from the initially sweet blackberry and cherry aromas. Light in style, it has smooth tannins and moderate acidity for a perfectly refreshing finish.

Ménage à Trois Red Blend

This red wine blend is a ripe and jammy combination of zinfandel, merlot and cabernet sauvignon. Blackberry jam and stewed plum aromas are supported by raspberry and redcurrant on the palate along with some spice and oak. Silky smooth mouthfeel makes this a very enjoyable red wine on its own or paired with grilled meat dishes.

Napa Cellars Pinot Noir

Lastly, this Californian pinot noir – a great favourite with The Wine Box customers – delivers on all fronts. Cherry and strawberry flavours bracketed by eucalyptus and mocha follow on from enticing aromas of cherry, black tea and spice. An elegant, perfectly balanced red wine, with subtle tannins and a soft finish.