Meet the Wine Maker: Gonzalo Perez Abarzua

Gonzalo Perez Abarzua, Wine Maker at Cremaschi Furlotti

Gonzalo Perez Abarzua

Head of Winemaking, Cremaschi Furlotti

The winemaker Gonzalo Perez Abarzua has more than 20 years of experience.

Gonzalo joined Cremaschi Furlotti in 2015 and since then, he has worked on developing the Cremaschi Furlotti terroir, thanks to his extraordinary oenology sensitivity, oriented to achieve the maximum expression of the grapevines of the Maule Valley.

This agronomist engineer and oenologist has training from the Universidad Catolica with a Master in Biological Science from the University of California, LA. He boasts experience in the successful creation of new lines of wine from entry-level to fine, premium wines, showing advanced management and knowledge of a number of grape varieties and terroirs after dedicating many years to learn his speciality.

The experience obtained in the main Chilean vineyards led him to learn oenology and viticulture techniques varying from the most traditional, old-world focus, to the most modern trends. This entire experience allows him to express and create Cremaschi Furlotti wines in very unique ways.

Cremaschi Furlotti wines are among the wine in Nairobi that can be found from selective alcohol retailers – mainly here at TWB Cellar Limited.