Most Popular Wines in Kenya 2024, Part 1: Everyday Value Wines under Ksh1,500


Do you want to try some new wines but you’re not sure where to start? In this article we highlight Kenya’s most popular everyday value wines as purchased by TWB Cellar Limited customers. After all, finding out what other people are buying can give you confidence to broaden your wine horizons.

Following everyday value wines are under Ksh1,500 and represent great value for money:

1. Hesketh Bright Young Things Sauvignon Blanc

This pale coloured sauvignon blanc from South Australia continues to be our top selling wine overall. It’s light and refreshing, with vibrant citrus, green apple and peach aromas; on the palate, there’s also plenty of zesty citrus and notes of passionfruit. This is a crowd-pleasing, eminently drinkable wine; suitable for pairing with seafood or equally to enjoy on its own.

2. Trumpeter Malbec

Our most popular red wine across the board, Trumpeter Malbec’s full bodied style highlights dark fruits and spices. It’s a perfect match for grilled or barbecued red meats, cheese, and strongly flavoured foods such as rich pasta sauces, chilli con carne and cured meats. A great value, versatile wine.

3. San Felipe Classic Malbec Rosé

Kenyans evidently love malbec wine and it is here expressed in rosé form. Cherry and strawberry flavours are balanced with a touch of acidity, creating a refined wine with a refreshing fruity character. Pair it with salads, charcuterie, seafood dishes and chicken.

4. Bruce Jack Sauvignon Blush

A new wine on our favourites list for 2024 is Bruce Jack’s Sauvignon Blush – this is basically a sauvignon blanc with a smidgen of shiraz added for that delicate pink colour. Refreshing and crisp, its lemon, lime and orange flavours sit alongside guava and passionfruit; this is a perfect wine to sip with your seafood or bring to a barbecue.

5. San Felipe Oak Malbec

Malbec is rather popular in Kenya; this wine from Argentina is big and bold, with red fruit and fig aromas and jammy cherry flavours accompanied by tobacco, coffee and spice from the oak contact. A well balanced, powerful wine, it is best paired with grilled or slow cooked red meats.

6. San Felipe Classic Cabernet Sauvignon

Here’s another of San Felipe’s fantastic everyday value wines: a fruity cabernet sauvignon. Well balanced, with smooth tannins, the dominant blackberry and redcurrant flavours make this a great match for beef, lamb or poultry dishes.

7. Hesketh Rules of Engagement Pinot Grigio

This pinot grigio has overtaken some of its peers this year and no wonder – it’s mouthwateringly fruity, light and refreshing to drink. It’s full of zesty citrus aromas and flavours, hence it will pair well with South-East Asian food; and the clean, crisp acidity beautifully offsets creamy pasta dishes.

8. Hesketh Twist of Fate Cabernet Sauvignon

Ever popular, this cab sav from South Australia is undoubtedly a cracking example of the varietal. Smooth, soft tannins and dark berry flavours threaded by dark chocolate and spice make it an easy drinking, delicious wine to pair with beef and lamb dishes.

9. Hesketh Midday Somewhere Shiraz

Another great value offering from the Hesketh winery, this shiraz is complex and delicious. Aromas and flavours of dark fruits combine with subtle spice and soft tannins to create a wine which is absolutely perfect with roast lamb or beef, or alternatively a rich stew.

10. Bruce Jack Merlot

Another new entry on our list this year, Bruce Jack’s Merlot from the Lifestyle range has juicy raspberry flavours complemented by hints of chocolate and vanilla. As a medium-bodied red wine it is easy drinking, not too tannic, and pairs well with roasted or grilled meats and pasta dishes.