Most Popular Wines in Kenya 2024: Part 2, Popular Wines over Ksh2,000

wines in kenya at the winebox

In this article we are highlighting Kenya’s most popular wines over Ksh2,000 as purchased by TWB Cellar Limited customers in 2024*. This is an important price bracket because above Ksh2,000 we are crossing over from “everyday” wines to “premium” wines.

Here at TWB Cellar Limited we define an everyday value wine as a decent large production wine, either varietal or blended. We source the best value examples from the best producers in the top wine producing regions around the world. Premium wines are quality wines showing some typicity and terroir; in other words, flavours and aromas are varietally correct and indicative of the location where the grapes were grown. Different producers set their pricing strategy differently, which is why at this price bracket we have a mixture of some more expensive everyday wines and some great value premium wines.

We find that customers buying in this price bracket are often doing a bit of research. For example, if you have a favourite everyday wine you might be interested in trying a reserve or single vineyard offering from the same winery. Or perhaps you’d simply like to explore higher quality wines of the same type that you already know you like. This list of the most popular wines over Ksh2,000 will help you explore with confidence!

1. Yealands Estate Single Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon blanc wines from New Zealand’s Marlborough region are some of the best being produced anywhere in the world. This example from Yealands offers aromas of lime, passionfruit and herbs with intense fruit flavours, fresh natural acidity and a distinctive mineral finish. Perfect with oysters and other shellfish, or serve as an aperitif.

2. Rutini Malbec

On to Kenya’s favourite red wine now: Argentinian malbec. This wine from Rutini displays classic malbec varietal characteristics: ripe plum, jammy black cherry and blackberry – with a delicious hint of dark chocolate – accompanied by an aroma of violets. Perfect for pairing with red meat dishes, you could also try this wine with game such as ostrich or venison.

3. Louis Latour Beaujolais-Villages

The first of the “Old World” wines on our list, this gamay comes from Beaujolais in central France. It’s crisp and fresh with flavours of strawberries supported by savoury notes, nutmeg and pepper. Smooth tannins and a clean acidity make this a mouthwatering sip. Pair with grilled or roasted meats, patés, cured meats and strong cheese.

4. Santa Cristina Chianti Superiore

Ripe cherry and plum aromas introduce this classic Chianti from Marchesi Antinori. Then on the palate, juicy cherry and berry flavours are balanced by herbal, slightly savoury notes and a touch of oak. Velvety tannins and a persistent finish make this a drink to keep coming back to. Not surprisingly for an Italian wine, it pairs perfectly with dishes containing plenty of tomatoes and herbs, such as pasta and pizza. It will also work well with roasted and grilled meats and charcuterie.

5. St Johns Road Blood and Courage Shiraz

Australia’s Barossa Valley is famous for its intense, flavourful shiraz wines, and this example from St Johns Road is no exception. Cherry and rose aromas lead into intense cherry, mulberry and spicy cedar on the palate, with fine oak and smooth tannins. A great wine to pair with a rich meat dish such as a ragout or stew.

6. Rutini Collection Cabernet-Malbec

The second Rutini wine on our list is this robust blend of cabernet sauvignon and malbec. Ripe cherry and plum aromas with a hint of jam combine with vanilla and chocolate from aging in oak. This is a smooth but powerful wine to match with red meats such as beef and lamb, as well as game such as venison or guinea fowl.

7. Ménage à Trois Zinfandel

The first of two North American wines on our list, the Ménage à Trois Zinfandel is characteristically fruity. Dark berries and jammy aromas and flavours assail the senses, followed by a touch of vanilla and black pepper. A luscious mouthfeel and a smooth finish make this a delicious wine to drink on its own or with food.

8. Hesketh Ebenezer Shiraz

Another great Australian wine now, this time from the Hesketh winery. It’s a full bodied shiraz with lots of red fruit and spice aromas. Rich fruit flavours such as wild blackberry, cherry and strawberry – and a touch of licorice – are well integrated with the oak. This is a wonderful match for roasted or grilled red meat and rich tomato-based pasta dishes.

9. Ménage à Trois Red

This blend of zinfandel, merlot and cabernet sauvignon is fruity and full bodied, an ideal accompaniment to grilled meat dishes. Blackberry and raspberry flavours from the zinfandel are supported by silky mouthfeel and more red fruits from the merlot. The cab sav adds structure and complexity and richness of flavour. Altogether a delicious sip.

10. Héritage An 1886 Les Aspres Rouge

Finally, we round off our list of Kenya’s most popular premium wines back in the “Old World”. Grenache, mourvèdre and syrah grapes each contribute their characters to this excellent red blend from the stable of Gérard Bertrand. With delicate aromas of cherry, spice and toast followed by lots of ripe fruit flavours, this wine stands up to prolonged scrutiny. Complex and well structured, with hints of nutmeg and pepper adding intrigue, and a long finish, this is a wine to savour with friends.

*Article updated 22nd April 2024 after revisions to pricing structure meant that some previously highlighted wines no longer fell into this price bracket.