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Mezcal Wild Agave Blend is a type of mezcal that is crafted from a blend of different varieties of wild agave plants. Mezcal is a traditional Mexican spirit made from agave, and the term “wild agave blend” indicates that the mezcal is produced using wild agave plants rather than cultivated ones. Wild agaves are those that grow naturally in the wild, and they are often harvested in a sustainable and traditional manner, contributing to the unique character of the mezcal.




How this product is made 

Wild Agave Selection: For Mezcal Wild Agave Blend, various species of wild agave plants are selected for their unique flavors and characteristics. Each species of agave contributes distinct flavors to the final blend.

Harvesting: The wild agave plants are carefully harvested by skilled mezcaleros, who have deep knowledge of the plants and the right timing for harvest. The harvesting process is often labor-intensive due to the remote and rugged terrain where wild agaves grow.

Cooking: After harvesting, the agaves are traditionally cooked in underground pits known as “”palenques.”” The agaves are stacked in the pit and covered with earth and rocks. The heat from the fire cooks the agaves over several days, converting the starches into fermentable sugars.

Milling: Once the agaves are fully cooked, they are crushed to extract the sweet agave juice known as ” aguamiel.” Traditionally, a large stone wheel called a “tahona” is used to crush the agaves, but modern mezcal production may also employ mechanical methods.

Fermentation: The extracted aguamiel is transferred to fermentation vessels, where it is left to ferment naturally with the help of wild yeast. The fermentation process can take several days or more, depending on the ambient temperature and other environmental factors.

Distillation: After fermentation, the liquid is distilled in copper or clay stills to produce mezcal. The distillation process separates the alcohol from the agave juice, resulting in a spirit with rich and complex flavors.

Aging: While some mezcals are bottled immediately after distillation (referred to as joven or “young” mezcals), others may undergo aging in wooden barrels, which can enhance and mellow the flavors over time.

Technical Details  

The taste of Mezcal Wild Agave Blend can vary depending on the specific types of wild agaves used in the blend. Generally, wild agave mezcals offer a wide range of flavors, which can include smoky and earthy notes, herbal and vegetal characteristics, and hints of tropical fruits or floral elements.

Alcohol Content:
Mezcal Wild Agave Blend typically has an alcohol by volume (ABV) that ranges from 40% to 50%, similar to other mezcal varieties.

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