Water into… Amarone?

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According to writers like Pliny and Virgil, we have a clue as to what wines were made in the Roman empire. Aminean, Nomentan and Apian were the best grape varieties in descending order. Don’t ask me what the modern-day names of these are. Or, if they still exist in their original form.

Romans regarded wine as a must have; it was an essential part of life. Wine was drunk by everyone: the higher classes the masses, the slaves and the prisoners. As such, everywhere the Romans went, they planted grapevines. Most of the wine drank by the populace was red as white wine was reserved for the higher classes. As the Roman empire grew, so did the spread of Roman wine grapes and their fine wine. All roads led to Rome and you were probably quite tipsy when you got there.

Archaeological evidence has uncovered wine vessels stamped ‘Wine from black grapes’. This wine was called Passum and made from dry grapes giving a dark, sweet raisin-like wine, not unlike the modern-day Amarone found in Italy.

In the past, Romans, Israelites and other ancient civilizations spiced their wine with all sorts of herbs, spices and honey. It was far from the fine wine we’re used to today.

And, while Romans tended to dilute their wine, the Judaic culture tended not to! So, it was quite strong.

We may not know exactly what wine was drunk at the last supper, but you can grab a glass of Amarone and at least you’ll be one step closer!

This delicious wine is available at most quality wine retailers and a handful of wine retailers in Kenya. Alternatively, you can treat yourself to having a delivery of wine to you in Kenya, and several other countries. So, what are you waiting for?

Wishing you a Happy Easter!!