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A selection of Limestone Coast wines on a table laden with delicious bread, cheese and fruit, Parker Coonawarra Terra Rossa Cabernet Sauvignon in the centre

The Limestone Coast, South Australia

The Limestone Coast wine zone is located in South Australia. It is not only spectacular, but also home to some of the country’s finest wines. In this article we explore how its unique characteristics shine through in its wines. We also highlight one particular wine which we think encapsulates the very essence of the Limestone…


5 Wine Curiosities To Visit Around The World

Are you a seasoned wine traveller or just looking for somewhere a bit out of the ordinary to visit? These 5 wine curiosities from around the world are sure to pique your interest.


Breede River Valley, South Africa

In this article we’re taking a trip to South Africa’s Western Cape, specifically the Breede River Valley. Sit back and relax while we explore the region and highlight how its unique characteristics emerge through its wine. We’ll also showcase one particular wine which we think captures the essence of the Breede River Valley. What makes…

Château L'Hospitalet, one of Gérard Bertrand's Estates in the Languedoc

The Languedoc, France

Continuing our armchair journey through the world’s best wine-producing regions, in this article we’re exploring the Languedoc. We’ll highlight what makes Languedoc’s wines different and showcase one particular wine that we think encapsulates the region’s unique characteristics. What makes the Languedoc special as a wine growing region? Languedoc has an incredibly long history of winemaking.…

Marlborough, New Zealand, famous for its sauvignon blanc wines

Marlborough, New Zealand: Sauvignon Blanc

As you know, TWB Cellar Limited brings fine wines to Kenya from some of the world’s best wine-producing regions. So, because you can’t go travelling right now due to the pandemic restrictions, we thought we’d give you an armchair trip through some of the places we know best. In this series of articles we’ll highlight…

Picturesque wine valley in Barossa, South Australia. Color-toning effect appplied

BAROSSA – Australia’s Quintessential Wine Region

Barossa is in the south of Australia north-east of Adelaide in the Mount Lofty Ranges aka Adelaide Hills. It is comprised of Barossa Valley and Eden Valley, which are regarded as some of the best for fine wine production. This area was originally settled by Germans. It started with Lutherans escaping religious persecution at home…

Vineyards at sunset in autumn harvest. Toned

MENDOZA – The Heart Of The Argentinian Wine Production

At the time of this article, Argentina is the world’s 6th largest producer of wine and most of that wine is from Mendoza. Mendoza is Argentina’s most important wine region accounting for nearly two thirds of the country’s wine production. 70% of Argentina’s vineyards are here in Mendoza . One cannot mention wine in Mendoza,…