7 Rosé Wines You Simply Must Try

Cote des Roses Rosé from Gérard Bertrand is an absolute must-try

Rosé wines have been gaining in popularity around the world over the last several years and with good reason. The best rosés are beautifully balanced between red and white wine characteristics; lighter than reds, but with more tannins than whites, making rosés some of the most accessible and enjoyable wines around. It’s best to serve rosé chilled; and with a range of styles from sweet to bone dry, you can pair rosé wines with a wide variety of foods or enjoyed them on their own.

Here at TWB Cellar Limited we have found some amazing rosé wines and brought them to Kenya for all to enjoy. Whether you’re already a rosé connoisseur or just want to branch out a little from your usual tipple, we think these rosés are definitely worth trying before stocks run out!

1. Clearwater Cove Rosé 2020

If you haven’t yet tried the Clearwater Cove Rosé, you’re missing out. This is a lovely light, smooth, easy drinking rosé wines from New Zealand and is unquestionably our top-selling rosé in 2021. A sweet peachy floral fragrance is followed by notes of pear and lemon on the palate. A perfectly balanced, refreshing wine for a hot day or to pair with a light lunch.

2. San Felipe Caramagnola Rosé de Malbec 2020

The first thing you notice about this Argentinan rosé wine is of course its unusual and distinctive bottle. The wine itself is well structured with a fine balance between the characteristic red fruit flavours and tannins of the malbec varietal. Pairs well with a variety of meat dishes and cheeses.

3. Change Grenache Rosé 2020

If you prefer to buy organic wines, don’t go past this one! A Mediterranean style rosé wine from southern France, its fragile pink colour is especially typical of the grenache grape variety. It’s a refreshing wine with prominent redcurrant flavours; try it with tapas or spicy food, or as an apéritif.

4. Hesketh Wild At Heart Rosé 2020

This south Australian rosé is aromatic and dry; scents of green apple and citrus mingle with flavours of peach and grapefruit, with the result that the wine is crisp, zesty and moreish. Perfect as an apéritif.

5. Gris Blanc Rosé 2020

A lovely pale rosé wine made from hand harvested grenache grapes in the Roussillon area of southern France. The red fruit aromas are echoed on the palate and particularly complement the zesty, mineral finish. An elegant wine, try it as an apéritif, or pair it with seafood or Mediterranean salads.

6. Charles & Charles Rosé 2019

The blend of syrah, grenache and mourvèdre grapes (amongst others) used to create this rosé results in a complex bouquet of red fruits (cherry, raspberry, strawberry), herbs such as oregano and floral notes of lavender and rose petal. On the palate there is plenty of acidity along with peach and redcurrant for a long smooth finish. Try pairing it with spicy or Asian food.

7. Côte des Roses Rosé 2020

Wow! This salmon-pink rosé from the Languedoc region of southern France comes in an elegant bottle whose base forms the petals of a rose coming into bloom. Certainly a stunning bottle, and the wine within does not disappoint; aromas of berries, grapefruit and rose petals follow through to the palate with plenty of fruit, slight sweetness and a fresh finish. This delightful rosé wine will pair well with seafood dishes, white meats and salads, and otherwise can definitely be enjoyed on its own.