Meet the Winemakers

Gonzalo Perez Abarzua, Wine Maker at Cremaschi Furlotti

Meet the Wine Maker: Gonzalo Perez Abarzua

Gonzalo Perez Abarzua Head of Winemaking, Cremaschi Furlotti The winemaker Gonzalo Perez Abarzua has more than 20 years of experience. Gonzalo joined Cremaschi Furlotti in 2015 and since then, he has worked on developing the Cremaschi Furlotti terroir, thanks to his extraordinary oenology sensitivity, oriented to achieve the maximum expression of the grapevines of the Maule Valley. This…

Natalie Christensen, Wine Maker at Yealands Wines

Meet the Winemaker: Natalie Christensen

Natalie Christensen Yealands Wines Yealands Wines Chief Winemaker Natalie Christensen, Master of Science (first-class honors), along with a Graduate Diploma in Oenology from the Eastern Institute of Technology in Hawke’s Bay, where she graduated top in her year. Bachelor of Music from Canterbury University. Classically trained double bass player. Named by The Drinks Business as…


Meet the Wine Maker: Charles Bieler [Bio]

Charles Bieler Proprietor, Bieler Wines Bieler Wines Charles Bieler is a winemaker and an innovator, with an eye for creative opportunity, an ability to spot an opening before it materializes, and a knack for taking two or three outrageous propositions and combining them into a winner. Charles’ history gave him an uncanny eye for innovation…