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Most popular red wine blends in Kenya 2022

Most popular red wine blends in Kenya 2022

Red blends are some of Kenya’s most popular wine purchases year on year. Their popularity is in large part because variation from one year to the next is kept to a minimum through the winemaker’s art. Unlike a varietal wine, where the vintages can taste quite different, with a blend the winemaker can achieve a…

How wineries control wildlife by the winenebox kenya

How wineries control wildlife in their vineyards

You’ve probably heard of queleas stripping fields of wheat, elephants trampling maize, or rabbits ruining the radishes; but spare a thought for grape growers around the world. These dedicated viticulturists tend their grapevines lovingly against extremes of weather, fungus, rot, and hordes of insect pests, nurturing the fruit to peak ripeness in order to create…

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Most popular sauvignon blanc wines in Kenya 2022

Sauvignon blanc is by far Kenya’s most popular wine. Its popularity stems from its straightforward taste, especially the fruity New World examples. This makes it accessible to wine novices and connoisseurs alike. It’s also incredibly versatile – think a glass of perfectly chilled sauvignon blanc on a hot afternoon; or accompanying a delicious meal of…

wine bottle shapes by the winebox kenya

Wine bottle shapes explained

Observant wine drinkers among you will have noticed a strange thing about wine: most wine comes in one of just a few common shapes of wine bottle. Is there a rule governing what type of wine goes in which bottle?

french wines at the winebox kenya

11 French still wines you must try this year

France is one of the top wine producing countries in the world; it’s therefore no surprise that the French also produce some of the world’s best wines. In fact, we have so many fantastic French wines on our shelves here at TWB Cellar Limited it was really difficult choosing which ones to highlight! However, after…

choosing wedding wines at winebox kenya

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Wine for Your Wedding

Since there is so much to worry about when planning your wedding, we know how stressful it can be. So, we’ve created a guide specifically designed to help you find your perfect wines quickly and easily, perfectly crafted for your special day. When choosing wine for your wedding, the first thing to consider is whether…

red wines

Kenya’s Favourite Red Wines for 2022

Here’s our list of the top ten best selling red wines in Kenya, as purchased by The Wine Box customers.

sparkling wines under KES 2,500

Our top 5 sparkling wine finds under Ksh2,500

We’re featuring our top 5 sparkling wine finds for under Ksh2,500 – no ordinary low-priced wines, but best quality, best value.

Kenya's wine scene is rapidly changing, with a growing appreciation of good wine especially paired with good food.

Wine Life Kenya: current trends and the future of wine in Kenya

By guest author Jean Wandimi from The Wine & Food Review Human beings have been making and drinking wine for millennia, but for Kenya it’s a relatively new thing. So what is the wine scene in Kenya like now, and what does the future hold? Wine life in Kenya over the years I remember looking…

The Crossings Sauvignon Blanc on a table paired with a light dish

Kenya’s Favourite White Wines 2021

We’re nearly three-quarters of the way through the year and to follow on from our post on Kenya’s Most Popular Wines 2021, we thought we’d round up the best selling white wines for you. Needless to say, sauvignon blancs are still TWB Cellar Limited customers’ favourite wines (of any colour) by a country mile! So…

A bottle of Rutini Cabernet Malbec on the ground

Interesting Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Wine

Wine is so familiar, so much a part of human history that perhaps we take our knowledge of it for granted. After all, it helped shape our societies and cultures; it functioned as a year-round source of sustenance, medicine and valuable commodity through the years, not to mention social lubricant. So we thought we’d see…

Eco-Friendly Yealands Winery with Solar Panels and Surrounded by Vines

Green Wines: Our Pick of the Best Eco-Friendly Wines and Wineries

As you know, TWB Cellar Limited aims to bring you the best selection of wines from around the world. What you may not know is that we also try to seek out the most delicious wines produced in an environmentally responsible way. What do we mean by “environmentally responsible”? It seems like a simple question,…