Wine Guide

Wines in a cellar

How to store wine to keep it in top condition

In this article we look at how to store wine so that it stays in top condition and how to avoid risk factors for damaging your wine.

How to buy wine for a party: what wine to purchase and how many bottles to buy

How to buy wine for a party

Sometimes our customers ask us for advice on what kind of wine – and how many bottles – to buy for a party they want to host. After all, every host wants their party to rock and nobody wants to run out of wine when their guests are having a good time! The following guidelines…

Quality wines on sale displaying different prices

What factors affect the price and quality of wine?

Have you ever wondered what makes one bottle of wine more expensive than another, very similar bottle of wine? Would you like to be able to make a more informed decision next time you buy a bottle of wine? Here we’ll examine what factors affect the price and quality of wine, and hopefully demystify wine…

Being able to understand wine labels helps you make better purchasing choices

How To Read Wine Labels

Choosing a bottle of wine can sometimes be initimidating, especially if you are not sure what information to look for on the labels. In this article we explain how to read wine labels to find the information you need, so that when you next visit a wine shop or your favourite eCommerce store you can…

Grape varieties: sauvignon blanc


Sauvignon Blanc is an immensely popular white wine around the world. It originates from western France where it has certainly been grown for hundreds of years. Tasting notes Sauvignon Blanc wines have a light golden colour and are generally dry style, usually described as “grassy” and “refreshing”. One of the main differences between Old and…

Grape varieties: malbec

WINE GUIDE: Grape varieties: MALBEC

Malbec is one of the most popular red wines in Kenya, and indeed throughout the world. It is a dark grape variety originating from France, although nowadays its distribution there is much diminished. In recent decades it found a home in the New World, particularly in Argentina. Tasting notes Malbec is very dark and inky…

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To Decant or Not to Decant… That is the Question.

Fully experiencing all the wonders that wine has to offer, two key components can either make or break your wine experience. The purpose of a decanter and a proper wine glass in your tasting experience should never be underestimated; and here’s why. The Purpose of a Decanter Decanting is essentially pouring wine into a separate…

The winebox company

How to Choose Fine Wine: 10 Steps to a Quality Wine

For many people, choosing a fine wine can be somewhat of a daunting task. It can be overwhelming to consider all the recommended criteria, as well as how time consuming it can seem to wade through the wide variety of options to choose from. Here at The Wine Box, though, we don’t think it has…

wine pairing the wine box company


One of the most important considerations for any wine aficionado is what food to pair with a favorite (or new) bottle of red or white wine. Whether you’re crafting a 3 course meal at home for your loved ones on a special occasion or just in the mood for a glass to go with your…